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Vacation Bible school at Rockbridge is always a highlight of the summer! We love to go all out and create an fun and interactive experience for kiddos from kindergarten to 6th grade. From a cave system, to a full sized “shipwreck” to a Safari - we want kids to experience something different and exciting. The most important aspect of VBS isn’t the fun and games though but the relationships kids get to build with one another as they travel through the day in small teams called “crews” and of course the relationship we hope they find with Jesus!

If you want your kiddos to be involved in this exciting experience this summer we’d love to have them! As always the event is totally free to you and includes several hours of music, games, snacks, crafts and stories. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out to our VBS director Crystal Billington at anironcuil@hotmail.com.

Preregistration is open and encouraged! Click here!